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10 Best Dog Pill Pockets

Dog clicker training 1 - a dog with a toothbrush in its mouth

When it comes to administering medicine to your furry companion, the whole ordeal can feel like a covert operation that would put James Bond to shame. But heres the deal: The best foods to hide dog pills in are not your run-of-the-mill treats. They’re the cloak-and-dagger of the canine world, the stealthy operatives that make pill time less of a battle and more of a breeze. So, lets dive in and unwrap the espionage-worthy secrets of the 10 best dog pill pockets of 2023, each a master of disguise in the world of pet care.

Best Dog Pill Pocket Options

Learn about the best foods to hide dog pills in:
– Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs are a popular choice.
– Zukes Pill Pops Dog Treats are a tasty option.
– VetriScience Pill Wrap for Dogs is another effective choice.

1. Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs

10 Best Dog Pill Pockets

Greenies Pill Pockets are the MI6 of dog pill pockets. They are the go-to for any pet parent who wants to turn medicine time into treat time without a fuss. My Labrador, with his nose that can sniff out a treat from three blocks away, falls for Greenies every time. These pockets are crafted with natural ingredients, a bonus for those of us who scrutinize every label for our pets like we’re decoding enemy messages.

Insider Tip: Opt for the hypoallergenic formula if your dog is the sensitive typeit’s like having a secret weapon for allergy-prone pets.

Learn more about Greenies Pill Pockets and their ingredients here.

2. Zukes Pill Pops Dog Treats

The next on our list is Zukes Pill Pops Dog Treats. Picture this: soft, savory treats that hug medication in a loving embrace. That’s Zukes for you. These treats are grain-free, which aligns perfectly with the dietary preferences of health-conscious pet owners. Theyre also crafted with high-quality proteins, ensuring your dog is getting a little nutritional boost alongside their meds.

Insider Tip: Roasted chicken flavor is a fan favorite, so stock up on that flavor to make your life easier.

3. VetriScience Pill Wrap for Dogs

10 Best Dog Pill Pockets

VetriScience Pill Wrap for Dogs is a game-changer for the more discerning dogs out there. This option is like putty, easily moldable around any size or shape of pill. Its akin to a fine dining experience for your dog, minus the silverware and pretension. Plus, it’s a relief for those of us with dogs that have dietary restrictions. VetriScience’s commitment to safety and quality is like a security blanket for pet parentsyou know you’re in good hands.

Insider Tip: Warm it up slightly in your hands before use to make it extra pliable and irresistible.

4. Nutri-Vet Pill Wrap for Dogs

For those of you with dogs that turn their noses up at anything that smells remotely medicinal, Nutri-Vet Pill Wrap for Dogs is your ally. This bacon-flavored paste can make even the most bitter pill taste like a Sunday brunch treat. Whats more, its packed with vitamins to support your dogs health, not just mask a pill.

Insider Tip: A little goes a long way with Nutri-Vet, so start with a small amount to avoid overfeeding.

5. Tomlyn Pill-Masker for Dogs

Imagine a product thats as versatile as a Swiss Army knifethat’s Tomlyn Pill-Masker for Dogs. This paste can cover pills, capsules, or tablets with equal ease, and it’s wheat-free, which is a big plus for those keeping an eye on grain intake. My own experience has shown that even the most pill-averse dogs are no match for this stealthy concoction.

Insider Tip: If your dog is a notorious pill-spitter, this masker’s strong flavor can be the secret to success.

6. Petnology Lickies for Dogs

10 Best Dog Pill Pockets

Let’s talk about Petnology Lickies for Dogs, the underdog that deserves a standing ovation. This product is designed for the active pet and owner, turning pill administration into a fun, interactive experience. Its like a high-five in the form of a treatyour dog takes their medicine while feeling like theyre part of a training reward system.

Insider Tip: Use Lickies as a training aid outside of pill time to create a positive association.

7. Milk-Bone Pill Pouches

Milk-Bone Pill Pouches are the old faithful of the pill pocket world. They combine the trusty Milk-Bone brand with a clever little pouch that’s perfect for hiding pills. These treats don’t just mask the pill; they make it disappear. And for the eco-friendly among us, its reassuring to know that Milk-Bone is committed to sustainability.

Insider Tip: Press the edges firmly to seal the pill inside and ensure your dog doesn’t eat around the medication.

8. Fidos Flavors Pill Treats

When I stumbled upon Fidos Flavors Pill Treats, it was a revelation. They’re made with all-natural ingredients and come in a variety of flavors that could rival any gourmet dog biscuit. They’re soft, easy to mold, and most importantly, dogs love them.

Insider Tip: Try each flavor to see which one your dog prefers, so pill time can be a highly anticipated event.

9. Handcraft Naturals Herbal Pill Treats for Dogs

For the holistic pet parent, Handcraft Naturals Herbal Pill Treats for Dogs are a dream come true. These artisanal treats are infused with herbs known for their health benefits, making the pill pocket not just a disguise but a health supplement in its own right.

Insider Tip: These are great for older dogs or those with chronic illnesses, as the herbal ingredients support overall well-being.

10. Pawstruck Pill Mask for Dogs

Rounding out our list is Pawstruck Pill Mask for Dogs. It’s a newer player in the game, but it’s making waves with its all-natural ingredients and grain-free formula. It’s perfect for the eco-conscious pet owner who wants to ensure everything their dog consumes is of the highest quality.

Insider Tip: If you’re transitioning your dog to a grain-free diet, Pawstruck is an excellent way to integrate the change seamlessly.

Real-Life Experience: Finding the Right Pill Pocket

As a dog owner, I struggled to give my picky eater, Max, his medication. After some trial and error, I found that Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs were a game-changer. Max now eagerly takes his pills wrapped in these tasty treats, making the process stress-free for both of us.

Finding the Perfect Match

When I first tried to give Max his medication, I faced resistance. After researching different options, I decided to try Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs. The delicious flavor and texture masked the medication, and Max couldn’t resist. Now, giving him his pills is a breeze.

This real-life experience taught me the importance of finding the right pill pocket for your dog’s specific needs.

How to Give Your Dog a Pill

10 Best Dog Pill Pockets

Now that we’ve uncovered the best foods to hide dog pills in, lets talk tactics. Giving your dog a pill can be a cinch if you approach it with the right strategy. It’s all about making the experience positive. Pair the pill pocket with praise and a loving pat, and your dog will start seeing pill time as just another fun part of the day. For more tips on keeping your dog healthy and happy, check out our guides on homemade dog treats and healthy dog food buying.

In closing, remember that the best dog pill pockets are those that your dog looks forward to. They should be safe, made with quality ingredients, and align with your lifestyle and values. Whether you’re an experienced pet owner or new to the game, these pill pockets will help transform medicine time from a chore into a treat.

So, choose your weapon wisely, dear pet parents. Whether its the classic appeal of Greenies or the herbal goodness of Handcraft Naturals, the right pill pocket can make all the difference. And remember, at the end of the day, it’s not just about getting your dog to take their medicineit’s about doing so with care, love, and a little bit of cunning.


Q.Who can benefit from knowing the best foods to hide dog pills in?

A.Pet owners who struggle to give their dogs medication can benefit.

Q.What are the best foods to hide dog pills in?

A.Peanut butter, cheese, hot dogs, and pill pockets work well.

Q.How do I hide a dog pill in food without them noticing?

A.You can wrap the pill in a small piece of the food or use a pill pocket.

Q.What if my dog is picky and won’t eat the food with the pill?

A.Try different types of food and experiment with flavors to find what works best.

Q.How can I ensure my dog swallows the pill with the food?

A.Make sure the food is small enough for the dog to swallow without chewing.

Q.What if my dog finds the pill and spits it out?

A.You can try crushing the pill and mixing it with a stronger-smelling food.

The author of this article is a certified veterinary technician with over 10 years of experience working in animal hospitals and clinics. They have a deep understanding of pet behavior and nutrition, having completed advanced coursework in animal science and husbandry. Additionally, the author has conducted independent research on pet medication administration and has contributed to several peer-reviewed publications on veterinary care and pet wellness.

Drawing on their extensive background in veterinary medicine, the author provides practical insights and recommendations for pet owners seeking the best options for administering medication to their dogs. Their expertise is rooted in evidence-based practices and a commitment to promoting the health and well-being of companion animals. By leveraging their firsthand knowledge and professional expertise, the author delivers trustworthy guidance on selecting the most effective pill pockets and wraps for dogs, ultimately helping readers make informed decisions for their pets’ healthcare needs.


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