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Category: dog collars

dog collars

How to get rid of smelly dog ears

Learn how to clean your dog’s ears, including what products you need, what to do if your dog has an ear infection, and how often to clean your dog’s ears.


Why is my dog scratching the carpet

Dog scratching the carpet? Here are six potential reasons, plus six helpful tips to stop your pup from damaging your floors.

dog collars

Why Does My Dog Scratch the Carpet?

Why does my dog scratch the carpet? Learn the top reasons behind this behavior and find out what you can do to stop your dog from scratching your carpet.

dog collars

Why do Dogs Scratch the Carpet

If your dog is scratching the carpet, it’s possible that he is bored, marking his territory, or has an underlying medical issue. Here are some reasons.

dog collars

Dog Exercise Equipment

Need to buy a ball launcher for your dogs? Check out this list of best automatic ball launcher for dogs. 20 Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs in 2024.

dog collars

How to choose a dog leash dog

From standard nylon options to leashes with advanced features, we researched and reviewed the best dog leashes in 2024 for every pet and pet parent.

dog collars

 Dog collars plastic

Whether you need a collar for training, nighttime walks, or small dogs, we’ve found the best dog collars you can buy in 2024.

dog collars

Reflective Dog Collars

If you’re taking your pooch out for a walk at night, it’s important they have on a reflective dog collar. Here are the best reflective dog collars of 2024.

dog collars

10 Proven Natural Pet Allergy Solutions

There are several natural pet allergy solutions that can help reduce your symptoms and allow you to live in harmony with your pets. Here are 10 of the best.