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Big dog. Skagway. Alaska. Husky - a dog laying on the ground with its head down

My Dog Snores: Is It Normal?

Does your dog snore? While it might seem cute, it can actually be a sign of a health issue. Read on to learn more about dog snoring and when to see a vet.

File:KHM Wien VIIb 105 - Vandalic goldfoil jewelry, c. 300 AD.jpg - a gold necklace with a small med

Gold Chain for Dog

Gold Chain for Dog. A fashionable accessory for your dog’s neck. It is made of alloy and has a gold finish. For small to medium-sized dogs.

The Newfoundland Dog, Original Breed - a black dog with a white face and brown fur

How Old Is Your Dog in Human Years?

How old is your dog in human years? Use our dog age chart and dog age calculator to convert your dog’s age into human years.

Dog Pet - a dog ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya

Why does my dog lick everything?

Does your dog lick everything in sight? From furniture to walls, dogs often lick as a way to communicate or because they’re bored or anxious. Here’s what you

Human hair closeup-08960-nevit - a close up of a field of grass

7 Common Causes of Dog Hair Loss

Dog hair loss, also known as alopecia, can be the result of a variety of health issues. Here are the most common causes of hair loss in dogs.

Big dog. Skagway. Alaska. Husky - a dog laying on the ground with its head down

Urinary incontinence in dogs

Learn about the veterinary topic of Urinary incontinence in dogs. Find specific details on this topic and related topics from the Merck Vet Manual.

Rafan the dog - accordion, self assembly toy - design Libuše Niklová 1965 Fatra Napajedla - a toy do

Best Squeaky Dog Toys

Here are the 9 best squeaky dog toys of 2023, according to a veterinarian. Plus, a guide on how to choose the right squeaky toy for your dog.