PitchDog Toy Ring Green Large

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  • This Dog soft ring (green color, large size) will make your dog happy.
    These toys are good for all dog play and training. All breeds and sizes of dogs like to play and train with a dental dog toy. These dog toys can help your dog with obesity and aggression. We know that dogs love the gentle squishy feeling when they chomp down on the ring. This toy can become a favorite for your dog if you transition back and forth between playing fetch and tugging.
    Completely odorless.
  • Can be bitten by your dog.
  • It is visible and safe for your dog’s health.
  • Does not sink in water


  • Does not sink in water
  • Has a positive effect on the teeth and gums of your dog
  • Non-toxic
  • Environment friendly
  • Suitable for interactive games
  • Universal for all breeds and sizes of dogs
  • This dog toy is good for playing indoors and outdoors
  • It does not cause any irritation or allergies
  • Bright and durable coloring, you can easily find it in high grass or water
  • No unpleasant smell


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