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Liker5 Cord

$ 9.89 ✔ tax included

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  • It is good for fetch and tug-of-war games and other dog training.
  • Non-toxic ball. Ideal for dog’s teeth and gums
  • It is lightweight, floating and soft
  • Comfortable non-slip loop ribbon
  • Can be thrown to long distances
  • Ball diameter: 5cm
  • Tape Length: 35cm
  • Does not SINK and can float above the surface of water
  • Easily bitten and does not hurt teeth and gums of your pet dog


LIKER is maneuverable and lightweight. You can easily throw the ball. It is designed in such a way that it changes its flight direction slightly and makes the game interactive.

Make your water games more enjoyable with this ball. It will not sink and will be entirely above the surface of the water. It will be beneficial for you if your dog does not know how to swim. You can easily teach him with LIKER.


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