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Things to consider when selecting a dog collar

Dog collars, as we all know, are the most important thing that you can buy for a dog. It is very important that you choose the right one as it shows how responsible a dog owner you are. Dog collars are necessary for walking and exercising your dog and are also very important for identifying and returning lost dogs. All the dogs should have good dog collars with a tag that has the dogs name and owners information.


You might be aware of the fact that dog collars are of different sizes and not one size fits all. Make sure that you always go for the one in which your dog feels comfortable. Most of the dog collars are adjustable, but a perfect fit will always fall between the smallest and the biggest possible size. You can always use a string in order to measure a dog’s neck for a collar. A dog collar should ride in the middle on your dog’s neck and should also be loose to easily fit two fingers under it while being tight enough so that it can’t slip over the ear of your dog.


Depending on your dog’s size and nature, there are many different styles of Personalized Dog Collars that you can choose. There are many materials available in the market like canvas, nylon, leather for both functionality and fashion point of view. If you are going for a leather one, then you should know that it can develop an odor from the oils in the dog’s coat. Nylon dog collars are lightweight and are ideal for smaller breeds. Rubber coated Nylon collars are washable, do not retain odor and are long lasting for dogs who like to enjoy water sports. Just make sure that you choose the style that best suits your dog’s breed and activity level.


One important feature of a collar is your dog’s tags which include other important information like permits, identification and vaccinations. ID Tags speaks for your dog when your dog gets lost. You need to update important information on your dog’s tag so that you can ensure the fastest rescue. Make sure to include your name, address, state, city, and phone number.